Ana Holding
Ana Holding
despre noi

The trading companies jointly named ANA HOLDING
had their breakthrough on the Romanian market in the autumn of 1990.
The name of the holding emerged from beautiful Romanian legends and later evolved into one of the most captivating success stories in the local business field.

ANAHOLDINGANA started as a business specialized in the production of pastry and bakery products. This was just the initial stage, which later turned out to be highly successful. It was also the starting point for an ever-growing business venture, as each project represented yet another step towards others – more ambitious and innovative.
Overtime, business lines grew more and more diverse: production and marketing of electronic and electric home appliances, the hotel industry, tourism, the production of electric motors, road transportation, investments in the sports field, financial investments and real estate projects.
The most important milestones in the development of ANA HOLDING
have defined and refined its current business model:
1990: Launch of the first confectionery shop – ANA CO; at a later stage ANA PAN Company opened several bakeries, pastry and confectionery shops in Bucharest and Brasov, offering today over 300 different delicious specialties and delicacies. Their business success proved ANA’s capacity to set a new standard for high quality products on the market.
1992: ANA ELECTRONIC emerged as one of the major importers and distributors of consumer electronics, electric home appliances, and IT and computer products. For nearly ten years, ANA ELECTRONIC operated as the exclusive distributor of Samsung products in Romania. Its business success resulted in the accumulation of important capital for reinvestments.
became the main investor in the RAPID BUCHAREST soccer club, one of the oldest, most loved and valuable sports teams in Romania. Starting 1997, ANA HOLDING
offered its football team the PRO RAPID base, the most modern private-owned training base, meeting the highest international standards and requirements.
1996: A turning point for ANA HOLDING
: the executive team decided to turn all available capital, about 40 million USD, into assets. ANA HOLDING
thus started operating on the capital market and became one of the key shareholders of Mobifon, the most important mobile communications operator in Romania at that time. The Holding then entered a new field of activity: the production of electric motors, which lead to the creation of ANA IMEP Pitesti. At present, the Arges-based company exports over 97 per cent of its output to EU countries and the USA. It ranks among the first four manufacturers of electric micromotors in Europe. 1996 was also when ANA HOLDING
entered the tourist and hotel industry by investing in three high-class hotels located in Poiana Brasov. The hotels – „Sport”, „Bradul” and „Poiana” – are mostly preffered by foreign tourists in search of high-quality lodging in the three and four-star range. Together with the highly modern „Kanzel Pub”, which was rebuilt in 2000, they make up the overall assets of ANA HOTELS in Poiana Brasov. The Holding invested in excess of USD 8 million in the modernization of the Brasov hotel complex. The Bucharest-based „Crowne Plaza” hotel, which has since attained the five-star standard, became the property of ANA HOTELS in 1996. The company’s investments in its modernization have exceeded 20 million USD so far. The hotel is operated under a franchise contract placed with the multinational company International Hotels Group, the second largest world operator in the field of the hotel industry. IHG operates over 580 accomodation units worldwide, part of the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza hotel chains.
starts investments in ropeway transportation. At present, ANA TELEFERIC provides cable transportation facilities in both Brasov city and the Poiana Brasov resort (telecabins, telegondolas, telechairs, teleskis, etc.). As a tourist services company, ANA TOURISM was set up to provide specialized services to the ANA chain of hotels.
2001: ANA MEP SDV and ANA TRANS INTERNATIONAL were launched to outsource several operations of the ANA IMEP Pitesti. Simultaneously, ANA HOTELS buys and fully overhauls „Europa” hotel located in Eforie Nord seaside resort.
2002: ANA HOTELS purchases the „Astoria” hotel complex also situated in Eforie Nord. Work begins at the Healthcare Center that is part of the „Europa” complex.
2004: ANA HOTELS completes its investment in ANA ASLAN HEALTH SPA and launches it as the largest healthcare centre in Romania.
ANA YACHT CLUB was inaugurated as the first private marina ever built in Romania under Western standards. It is a few minutes apart from the city centre, on the beach near „Europa” hotel. The marina can host up to 70 yachts simultaneously both in summer and during wintertime on a round-the-clock security basis.
2005: ANA HOTELS became majority owner of the Bucharest-based „Athenee Palace Hilton” hotel. ANA TELEFERIC inaugurates „Telegondola”, the most modern cable transportation system in Poiana Brasov, carrying up to 2,600 people each hour.
and its companies underwent an ample rebranding process with the final purpose of promoting a unitary image of the holding. Consequently, ANA HOLDING
SA, established at that time, has a two-fold objective: to handle management activities specific to a holding and unfold activities related to real-estate investments. ANA PAN commissioned a state-of-the-art Pilot Unit producing bakery, pastry and confectionery products.
2007: Office bulding ANA OFFICES is finalized and commissioned in April. The four floors of class A+ office space are partially used by ANA HOLDING
, while the rest is leased to other businesses. Two companies – ANA RESIDENCES and ANA TOWER – were founded to carry out major real estate projects: housing and office facilities.
„Athenee Palace Hilton” hotel celebrates its tenth anniversary under the renowned Hilton brand.
In November, ANA PAN initiated the franchise program for its pastry and confectionery products. By April 2009, six franchises were already opened in Bucharest, Pitesti, Constanta, Otopeni and Chitila.
2008: The „Crowne Plaza” hotel, a five-star ANA HOTELS asset, celebrated ten years of „crowned success”. A comprehensive modernization process of the hotel started that same year and was extended in 2009 as well.
2009: An important Bucharest-based housing project was completed. The fourteen luxury appartment building is located in the proximity of Dorobanti Square, on George Calinescu Street. It is merely the first in a string of real estate projects designed to create residential areas with all required facilities (educational, leisure and sport units, shopping centres, etc.).

Nowadays, ANA HOTELS employs over 2,500 people in Bucharest, Pitesti, Brasov, Eforie Nord and other towns of Romania.

2010. ANA HOTELS initiates a huge project of modernization of its hotels in Bucharest and Poiana Brasov. On September 20 the modernization works in ATHENEE PALACE HILTON HOTEL have been finished, followed, on October 14, by the finalization of the same categories of works in CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL, both located in Bucharest. On December 27 the SPORT HOTEL & SPA is opened, as a result of the modernization works executed in Sport Hotel Poiana Brasov.

The initial works on the ANA TOWER project have been started.

In November ANA HOLDING has been celebrated its first 20 years of activity, development and investments.

On May 3, 2011 Ana Hotels wons the INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR award, offered by the Fourth edition of the Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Forum, the most prestigious event dedicated to the hotels and tourism industry in Romania.  The INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR award represents the recognition of the year’s most efficient and innovator project of the tourism and hospitality industry in Romania. This project, representing an investment of EURO 20 millions, has been focused on the modernization of the Bucharest CROWNE PLAZA***** and ATHENEE PALACE HILTON***** as well as the Poiana Brasov SPORT HOTEL & SPA, all of them owned by ANA HOTELS.

October 2011. Ana Hotels Poiana Brasov is inaugurating its new Conference Center, located inside of SPORT HOTEL & SPA. Modernized during the summer of 2011, the Conference Center offers 11 halls, having different sizes and capacities; the largest of them can host up to 500 guests. The new facility is a multi – functional one, covering any requirements: trainings, conferences, seminars, family events, presentation of products, etc.

October 2011. SPORT HOTEL & SPA hosts the international team which is filming in Romania the television series “Hatfield & McCoy”, starring the famous actor Kevin Costner.

December 2011 – Bucharest. ANA HOLDING wins the „Diploma de Excelenţă” award, offered by Asociaţia Naţională a Exportatorilor şi Importatorilor din România / The Romanian National Association of Exporters and Importers to the most important Romanian producer and exporter of electric equipments and, irrespectively, of tourism services.


24 Aprilie 2012. At the second edition of the Hotels Industry Excellence Awards Gala, organized during the Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference, Ana Hotels has been nominated as finalist for the following categories:

Hotel of the Year (only luxury hotels, 4 or 5 stars) – Athenee Palace Hilton and Crowne Plaza, both in Bucharest;

Best strategy for hotel renovation and improvement – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Hotel of the Year for leisure tourism – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Hotel of the Year from the point of view of environment protection – Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest;

Location of the Year for conferences and business meetings – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Restaurant of the Year – Roberto’s, inside Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest;

Bar of the Year – Crown Café, inside Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest;

Spa of the Year – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Exceptional contribution to the hotels industry development – George Copos, owner of SC Ana Hotels SA;

Entrepreneur of the Year – George Copos, owner of SC Ana Hotels SA;

Rising star manager of the Year of a hotel – Carmina Gal, General Manager Ana Hotels Poiana Braşov.

The representatives of Ana Hotels have been declared winners of the following categories:

Exceptional contribution to the hotels industry developmentGeorge Copos, owner of SC Ana Hotels SA;

Rising star manager of the Year of a hotelCarmina Gal, General Manager Ana Hotels Poiana Braşov;

– Hotel of the Year from the point of view of environment protectionAthenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest.