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has earned the title of

“Best Spa of the Year 2012”

Ana Aslan Health Spa Eforie Nord, part of ANA HOTELS chain, has won the title of “Best Spa of the Year 2012”. This title was conferred on the occasion of Excellence Gala event, held in Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Forum 2013, the most prestigious annual forum of the hotel and tourism industry in Romania, held in Bucharest on 22 May 2013. This prestigious annual event honors the best effective and innovative projects and concepts of hospitality and tourism industry in Romania.

This year award is an acknowledgment of the creativity and perseverance of ANA HOTELS, the company that owns and operates the hotels ATHENEE PALACE HILTON***** and CROWNE PLAZA**** in Bucharest, SPORT HOTEL & SPA****, BRADUL**** and POIANA*** in Poiana Brasov, and EUROPA**** and ASTORIA*** in Eforie Nord.

The award proves that ANA HOTELS continues to be, year after year, on the top of the operators and hospitality providers in Romania. During the previous years the company has won numerous awards, including the title “Investment of the Year”, as a result of its ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of services provided by ANA HOTELS chain. The substantial investments made since 2010 by ANA HOTELS have resulted in raising quality standards, increase guest satisfaction and brand building ANA ASLAN HEALTH SPA nationally and internationally.

Rewarding the “Premium” quality of the services offered by ANA ASLAN HEALTH SPA by the prize “Best Spa of the Year 2012” is as honorable as it is binding upon all people in ANA Hotels. It’s easy to get to the top, it is much harder to keep you there. This is our goal in terms of spa services: we always keep ahead!

To see the ceremony click the following link:

CROWNE PLAZA Hotel – the only

hotel in Romania awarded in the

„Green Business Index 2012” project

The CROWNE PLAZA Hotel, member of ANA HOTELS chain, has participated in 2012, for the first time, in the multi – annual project „Green Business Index”.

This project is the only existing instrument which evaluates the responsibility of the companies active in Romania towards the environment, according to the ISO 14001 and ISO 14031 standards. The project is monitoring the „green economy” initiatives of the Romanian business environment, as well as the initiatives in the field of assistance and training for the improvement of the environment protection. The project represents a barometer of the responsibility of the companies related to the environment protection.

More than 300 companies have participated in 2012 to the „Green Business Index”. The fields of activity of the participating companies were very diverse: from energy, transportation and waste management, to the food industry, automotive, constructions, banking, finance and hostelry.

Based on the evaluation of the initiatives and efforts for the protection of the environment, ANA HOTELS – CROWNE PLAZA has been placed on the III place in the general ranking of the companies registered in „Green Business Index 2012”. CROWNE PLAZA Hotel won also other two third places, in the categories „Services/Commerce” and, irrespectively, „Green Acquisitions„.

The result achieved by Ana Hotels CROWNE PLAZA, which is placing our hotel in a select group of important companies, such as “Danone PDPA”, “DHL International Romania”, “Ursus Breweries”, “United Romanian Breweries Bereprod” or “Grup Servicii Petroliere”, has to be considered taking into account that CROWNE PLAZA is the only hotel in Romania which has been awarded in this competition, base on its remarkable preoccupations and results in promoting the „green economy”.

By its successful participation in „Green Business Index 2012” Ana Hotels wants to show that it understands the necessity of a transition towards the “green business” and that our company is an important link in Romania’s durable development and in assuming the corporate responsibility toward the environment.



The twentieth edition of the Romanian NATIONAL PRIVATE COMPANIES TOP has been organized in Bucharest on November 2, 2012.

The rankings, structured on fields of activities, have been done taking into account the GROSS PROFIT, the TURNOVER and the PRODUCTIVITY. The needed information has been delivered by the National Office of the Register of Commerce.

621.054 commercial companies have been taken into consideration in this competition.

Based on its economical performances S.C. ANA HOTELS S.A. has been classified on the FIRST POSITION in Romania among “Major Companies” active in hotels industry, from the point of view of both TURNOVER and PRODUCTIVITY.

The national recognition of these results is honoring us but is not surprising. On the contrary, we were expecting these awards because we made huge efforts in increasing our economical capacity.

Some years ago we have established clear objectives and we succeeded to finalize them, by a financial effort of approximately Euro 25 millions.

We have refurbished and modernized our hotels in Bucharest, irrespectively ATHENEE PALACE HILTON and CROWNE PLAZA.

We have also renovated and upgraded at the level of Four Stars the comfort level of our Poiana Brasov hotels, irrespectively SPORT HOTEL & SPA and BRADUL. Once we have finished the renovation of these last mentioned hotels and we have diversified their offer by opening the modern SPA of the SPORT HOTEL, we are prepared to enter into a new era of the ANA hotels industry, the era of the complete compatibility with the European hotels industry.

The guests of ANA hotels may easily find out that, in this moment, there is no difference between the services that we provide and the offer of any comparable four or five stars European hotel.




The second edition of the Excellence Awards Gala has been organized on the 24th of April 2012, during the Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference. The Gala has rewarded the most efficient and innovative projects and concepts which have marked the evolution of the Romanian tourism and hospitality industry during 2011. The event has shown an actual and clear perspective on this industry’s performances, achieved by efforts, innovation and long term commitment, in very difficult economical context.

Ana Hotels has been nominated as finalist for the following categories:

Hotel of the Year (only luxury hotels, 4 or 5 stars) – Athenee Palace Hilton and Crowne Plaza, both in Bucharest;

Best strategy for hotel renovation and improvement – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Hotel of the Year for leisure tourism – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Hotel of the Year from the point of view of environment protection – Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest;

Location of the Year for conferences and business meetings – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Restaurant of the Year – Roberto’s, inside Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest;

Bar of the Year – Crown Café, inside Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest;

Spa of the Year – Sport Hotel & Spa, Poiana Braşov;

Exceptional contribution to the hotels industry development – George Copos, owner of SC Ana Hotels SA;

Entrepreneur of the Year – George Copos, owner of SC Ana Hotels SA;

Rising star manager of the Year of a hotel – Carmina Gal, General Manager Ana Hotels Poiana Braşov.

The representatives of Ana Hotels have been declared winners of the following categories:

Exceptional contribution to the hotels industry development – George Copos, owner of SC Ana Hotels SA;

Rising star manager of the Year of a hotel – Carmina Gal, General Manager Ana Hotels Poiana Braşov;

Hotel of the Year from the point of view of environment protection – Athenee Palace Hilton, Bucharest.

Among the competitors Ana Hotels obtained this year the most numerous nominalizations as finalist – 11, and won the biggest number of awards – 3. It is a real triumph for us, who have imagined, financed and executed our development projects. It is a satisfaction to observe that our works are appreciated, as well as the more than 1,000 employees of Ana Hotels Company. The main merit is theirs and me, as the Owner of the Company, I am proud to have such performing work partners.

In 2011 we have obtained only one award at the Excellence Award Gala, irrespectively „Investment of the Year”. The year 2012 and the three awards granted for our achievements confirm that we have done a good work. We are satisfied, although we know that we can do it better.

Mission to Vrancea

During January and February 2012 heavy snows have affected Romania. Huge quantities of snow have fallen in several counties. The most affected county was Vrancea. A lot of persons have suffered due to the fact that their villages have remained isolate and could not be supplied with food or drugs.

ANA Foundation has organized two aid missions in the benefit of the people in difficult situations in the county of Vrancea.

On 15th of February 2012 the representatives of ANA Foundation, embarked on a truck full of 17 tones of food products, have reached some of the most isolated and affected villages in Vrancea: Gologanu, Tătăranu and Ciorăşti. They have provided to the inhabitants, for free: oil, sugar, flour, corn, pastas, and meat products.

On 10th of March 2012 ANA Foundation has organized a drugs transport. Important quantities of multi – vitamins, minerals, anti – influenza products, Ginkgo Biloba, products improving the body’s immune system and anti – inflammatory products were delivered to the Mayors and doctors of Năruja, Andreaşu de Jos and Nereju. According to the concrete situations, the doctors have decided the beneficiaries of the medical products.

ANA Foundation proudly thanks to its close partners, who, generously, elegant and discrete, have helped the Foundation to lead to a good end this humanitarian mission.

S.C. FILDAS TRADING S.R.L. – Mrs. Anca Vlad;

S.C. AESCULAP PROD S.R.L. – Mr. Mihai Miron;

S.C. LABORMED PHARMA S.A. – Mr. Stephen Stead.

ANA HOLDING wins the „Diploma de Excelenţă” award, offered by A.N.E.I.R.

December 2011 – Bucharest. ANA HOLDING wins the „Diploma de Excelenţă” award, offered by Asociaţia Naţională a Exportatorilor şi Importatorilor din România / The Romanian National Association of Exporters and Importers to the most important Romanian producer and exporter of electric equipments and, irrespectively, of tourism services.

This award recognizes the efforts of the ANA Holding, which has succeeded to preserve its top position on the Romanian and International markets of producers and exporters of goods and services.

ANA IMEP SA, supported by ANA MEP SDV and ANA TRANS INTERNATIONAL, continues to be placed among the most important European producers and exporters of electric motors, even in the context of the terrible concurrence on this market during 2011. ANA HOTELS, together with ANA TELEFERIC and ANA HEALTH SPA, have been offering top class hotels and tourism services to the Romanian tourist, as well as to foreign guests.

„Diploma de Excelenţă” award, offered by ANEIR, recognizes once again the merits of ANA HOLDING in implementing efficient and healthy business strategies.


October 10, 2011 – Poiana Brasov. ANA HOTELS POIANA BRAŞOV is diversifying the facilities offered to its guests by inaugurating the new Conference Center of SPORT HOTEL & SPA. This new element of attraction has been modernized during the summer of 2011 by huge works and offers 11 halls of different dimensions and capacities, up to 500 persons. The Conference Center is a multi-functional area, created in order to cover a complete variety of demands, necessary to create a successful event. Regardless the nature of the event, be it a training, a conference, a seminar, a presentation or a launch of a new product, a family event, etc., the Conference Center offers the needed logistic and the technical assistance, provided by the highly qualified personnel of ANA HOTELS Poiana Brasov.

All the halls have natural enlightening and some of them have access to outside terraces, especially created for the smokers. The Conference Center has also big size screens, podiums and dance rings, fixe and mobile video-projectors, flip-charts, sound systems with hi–fi amplifiers. More than this, all the halls have connections to WiFi Internet systems.

By opening the Conference Center ANA HOTELS Poiana Brasov is finishing the present stage of its hotels’ modernization. The works lasted more than one and a half year and are an “European co-production”, being executed by specialists from United Kingdom, Austria, Swiss and other European countries. At the end of the works ANA HOTELS Poiana Brasov is acquiring its guests in fundamentally improved conditions, brought to the European level of 2011.

Being already a “Something Else” ANA HOTELS Poiana Brasov is targeting new segments of the hotels services, due to its elegance, comfort and technology. Since September 2011 ANA HOTELS Poiana Brasov operates on a segment which we may call “Art Tourism” or “Movie Tourism”. Our company has been hosting the international team which has filmed in Romania the „HATFIELD & McCOY” TV series, starring the famous American actor Kevin Costner, the protagonist of some important movies such as „Dancing With Wolves” – 2 Oscar awards, „Waterworld”, „JFK”, „Wyatt Earp”, „The Bodyguard”, „Robin Hood” and many others. The base of Kevin Costner and his team in Poiana Brasov, during the filming of the production, was our SPORT HOTEL & SPA.


May 10, 2011 – Bucharest. Ana Hotels won the INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR award, offered by the Fourth edition of the Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Forum, the most important event dedicated to the hotels and tourism industry in Romania.

The INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR award represents recognition of the Ana Hotels efforts, as investor and innovator.

In 2010 the company has launched a vast rehabilitation project of some of its main hotels, project brought to a good end in the first part of 2011. This project, representing an investment of EURO 20 millions, has included the Bucharest CROWNE PLAZA***** and ATHENEE PALACE HILTON***** as well as the Poiana Brasov SPORT HOTEL & SPA.

In Athenee Palace Hilton all the public spaces were renovated: the new „Cafe Athenee”, reconversion of the former Brasserie into the new GUCCI Store, reconstruction of the „Colonade” area, rebuilding of the Roberto’s Restaurant and of the „Roberto’s on La Strada” Terrace.

In the Crowne Plaza hotel the public spaces were rebuilt also: the „Crown Cafe” bar; the „La Veranda”, „La Brasserie” and „The Vineyard / Fine Dining” restaurants; the “Orhideea” conference room.

The purpose of the works in Poiana Brasov were concentrated on transforming the old SPORT hotel into a new concept, SPORT HOTEL & SPA: the total number of rooms was increased from 89 to 104; the public spaces were extended: in present there are 6 conference rooms, out of which 2 are multi-functional; a restaurant, entirely re-built; the LOBBY BAR and HAVANA LOUNGE bars.

The services of this beautiful location were completed by the new 1900 sqm. SPA, added to the hotel. The SPA is made based on the French and Austrian experience in the field, and offers multiple facilities.


December 27, 2010 – Poiana Brasov. Poiana Braşov – in German Schulerau, founded in 1895, is the most famous winter sports resort in Romania. The first building was raised here in 1904. Since 1906 Poiana Braşov became a ski resort. Three years later the first ski contest in Romania was held here. In 1951 the International Student Winter Games were organized in Poiana Braşov. On this occasion the Hotelul Sporturilor/ Sports Hotel, very modern according to the standards of those times, was inaugurated.

SPORT Hotel became an asset of SC ANA HOTELS SA in 1996, together with the Poiana and Bradul hotels. Since that time all the three hotels were periodically modernized. After the modernization and rehabilitation of Bradul and Poiana hotels, in 2004 and, irrespectively, 2009, this year SPORT Hotel has been modernized. The works, started on March 15th 2010, were recently finalized, and the Hotel has been officially re-opened on December 27, 2010 under the brand SPORT HOTEL & SPA.

The investment represents more than 11 millions Euros. It is, in fact, an European project, proving that Ana Hotels understands to benefit from Romania’s European Union membership: the project has been drawn by an Austrian architecture company, GEISLER & TRIMMEL, specialized in alpine Hotels projects. The execution of the project has been done by several companies from different E.U. countries. The equipments, the furniture, finishing, the technology, are produced in different E.U. state. The financing of the project has been done by the excellent co-operation with the Romanian Development Bank – Groupe Societe Generale.

As a result of the complex rehabilitation and modernization works, the new SPORT HOTEL & SPA has became a XXI Century location, from all points of view: modern and functional architecture, elegant and comfortable furniture, enlarged number of rooms – from 89 la 104, last generation of equipments, large, generous and functional public spaces, completely equipped conference rooms.

One of the main attraction points of the new asset is the SPA executed according to the Austrian and French experience in the field. This 1900 sqm spa represents an investments of approximately 3,5 millions Euros. This is a mountain spa, drew in an architectural style inspired from the “Earth Gifts”: wood, stone, irrespectively slate, onyx and marble. Modern and elegant, in the same time, the spa offers multiple facilities: swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry sauna, hamam, laconium, ice fountain, fitness, different types of de massage – relaxing massage, Ayurvedic massage, massage with volcano stones, Sabai massage, shower massage, hydro – massage, underwater shower, corporal and facial esthetics programs, anti-wrinkle mezoterapy, lifting, anti – cellulite, fat-disolve, depigmentation. Sport Hotel &SPA Poiana Brasov completes the services offered by Ana Health SPA Center in Hotel Europa of Eforie Nord.

Taking into account the quality of works, as well as by the new launched concept, irrespectively the bringing together of the spa and hotel facilities, all located in a mountain area, traditionally dedicated to winter sports, Ana Hotels establishes a new comfort and civilization standard, having a high potential of attraction for tourists.

The opening of SPORT HOTEL & SPA is dedicated to the ANA HOLDING 20th anniversary.


Bucharest, November 30, 2010 – Ana Holding, a group of companies who’s history begins in 1990, as a small family business offering in that time bakery, sweets and pastry, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The story of George Copos’s group begins with ANA CO and ANA PAN, companies promoting an excellent quality of products, always in connection with the market demands.

Their success determined the extension and diversification of ANA businesses, by the establishment, in 992, of ANA Electronic, sole distributor of Samsung products in Romania. As a result of its activity the company became, in 1995, the „Golden Distributor Samsung” – the most performing Samsung dealer.

The development of the group was always a priority. In 1996 ANA Holding became the majority shareholder of ANA IMEP in Piteşti, one of the first four electric micro-motors producers in Europe. In the same year ANA Hotels was established. In present the company owns the Athenee Palace Hilton (5*) and Crowne Plaza (5*) hotels in Bucharest, Europa (4*) and Astoria (3*) hotels in Eforie Nord, as well as Sport (4*), Bradul (3*) and Poiana (2*) hotels in Poiana Braşov.

Since 2000 the Holding is extending its operations in the field of cable transportation by establishing ANA Teleferic.

In present the Holding is involved also, among food industry, hotels industry and electro-technical industry, in domestic and international road transportation; industrial maintenance; Spa-s in Eforie Nord and Poiana Braşov; yachting, harbor services an nautical sports; constructions and real estate investments.

Since 1993 Ana Holding is the financial supporter of Football Club Rapid Bucharest. The Club won until now two champion titles, four Cups of Romania, 4 Super-Cups of Romania, performing also, in spectacular manners, in the European Cups.

During these 20 years the Holding was constantly an important investor: modernization of the cable transportation in Poiana Braşov, new technology in ANA IMEP plant; a new plant for bakery, sweets and pastry for Ana Pan all finalized in 2005; the construction of an A class office building, in 2007, and of a luxury bloc of flats in the residential center of Bucharest, in 2009; renovation and modernization of the Athenee Palace Hilton and Crowne Plaza hotels in Bucharest, as well as of the Sport and Bradul hotels in Poiana Braşov; the beginning of the Ana Tower project, all in 2010.

In present ANA Holding employs more than 1500 persons and has a yearly turnover of more than 100 millions Euro. An important contribution to this turnover is represented by exports.


Bucharest, October 14, 2010 – SC Ana Hotels SA has finalized the renovation and modernization of all public spaces in the five stars CROWNE PLAZA Hotel in Bucharest, opening, on this occasion, 3 new restaurants, a bar and two conference rooms.

The works in Crowne Plaza***** Hotel consisted in the modernization of all public spaces, irrespectively the Reception, the Main Lobby, and the spaces created for the Food & Beverage areas. The following new structures have been created:

The „Crown Cafe” bar;

„La Veranda” restaurant, specialized in fresh fish and sea fruits dishes;

„La Brasserie” restaurant, re-created by the modernization of the classical restaurant of the hotel;

„The Vineyard / Fine Dining” restaurant, a new space offering a large variety of services, such as wine tasting, assisted by professional sommeliers.

The result of these works is that the surface of the F&B spaces was tripled.

The renovation and modernization of the Crowne Plaza***** hotel has represented an investment of 3,5 million Euro, coordinated and executed by Romanian companies, such as Comnord, Titan Mar, Investprod, Menatwork, Swiss Glass, based on a project made by the British architecture company “Seifert Interiors London”.

The equipments and the furniture for the hotel were supplied by prestigious companies specialized in production of such items: Interna Collection, Selva, Poltrona Frau, Cabas (all from Italy), Bench (the Netherlands), Decca Furniture and RHA Furniture (Great Britain) – for the furniture; Porta Romana (Italy), Metal Arte (Spain), Chelsom and CTO Lighting (Great Britain) – for lamps; Desso (the Netherlands) – for carpets; Roland Vlaeminck (the Netherlands) – for the garden furniture.

The investment, which was possible grace to the support of the Romanian Development Bank – Groupe Société Générale, represents the second phase of the ANA Hotels chain modernization, after the finalization of the works in the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel Bucharest. The third phase, currently in execution, provides the rehabilitation of the Company hotels in Poiana Braşov.


Bucharest, September 20, 2010 – Ana Hotels has finalized the modernization of the Reception, Roberto’s On La Strada terrace and other public spaces of the five stars Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel in Bucharest, owned by the Company. The investment represents 2 million Euros. The new Café Athenee restaurant has been opened today. The restaurant has a capacity of 60 places and completes the renovation works planned for 2010. Next year the principal restaurant of the hotel, Roberto’s, is going to be modernized.


placheta.jpgBucharest, December 9, 2009 – The company Ana Hotels SA – ANA HOLDING member – has received The National Award for Large Enterprises within the category “Trade, Export, Tourism”, section “Hotel and accomodation services”, in the XVIth edition of the National Company Award, organized by the Romanian Trade and Industry Chamber.


June 16, 2009, Bucharest – A 14-luxury appartment building, already available for rent or sale, was finalized by S.C.ANA HOLDING S.A. in the Dorobanti residential area of Bucharest.

The building lies on George Calinescu street, very close to Radu Beller street, in one of the most exquisite areas of Bucharest. The appartments, partially furnished, include a living, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, as well as additional (storage) areas. At the fifth level (which is the last one), two splendid penthouses with generous terraces of tek are located. Otherwise, all the materials used to furbish the appartments, as well as the furniture, are of the best quality and offer the dwellers more than decent living conditions at an optimum quality-price rate.
In an urban area well-known for its effervescent life, the ANA HOLDING appartments on George Calinescu street offer the perfect solution, the deserved oasis of silence for those choosing to live in the Dorobanti residential area.
Alongside those 14 appartments, the building has an elegant shop at the ground floor, as well as several glass-door garages which, together with the underground parking area, provide parking lots for all the dwellers.
The building’s outside walls are plated with terra cotta (Creaton) and aluminium plates. The public spaces of inside are decorated with Venetian stucco and travertin plates.
For the quality of the works, as well as for the architectural vision, the building finalized by S.C. ANA HOLDING S.A. has awarded the “Prize of the Architecture Section” at the Seventh Edition of the Bucharest Annual of Architecture held between 14 and 28 May, 2009.

Contact person for additional sale/rent information: Mr. Victor Puiu, mobile +4-0733-105-488.

Vedere exterioara

Outside view

Terasa penthouse

Penthouse terrace








Parcare subterana

Underground parking


May 25, 2009, Bucharest – A building recently completed by S.C. ANA HOLDING S.A. was awarded the “Prize of the Architectural Section” at the Seventh Edition of the Bucharest Annual of Architecture held between 14 and 28 May, 2009.

The 14-luxury appartment building occupies a surface of 725 sqm in George Calinescu street of the Capital’s Dorobanti residential area. The partially furnished appartments are already available for rent and/or sale. The fourth (and last) floor of the building is composed of two splendid penthouse-type appartments that open into generous terraces.

Alongside its 14 appartments, the building has an elegant shop at the street level, as well as several glass door garages which, together with the underground parking area, provides parking lots to all its dwellers. The outer walls of the building are covered with terra cota and aluminium plates. The public spaces of inside are decorated with Venetian stucco and travertin plates.

This building represents yet another real estate project finalized by ANA HOLDING, after the office building class A+ commissioned in the spring of 2007. The other real estate projects signed by ANA HOLDING bear on the construction of an office tower and a residential quarter.