Ana Tower
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ANA TOWER, one of the ANA HOLDING member companies, was established in 2007 and is the developer of a real estate project covering 53,000 sqm in the District 1 of Romania’s Capital

The idea to build a Class A office tower as the highest building in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, appeared in 2007.

Ana Holding, the mother company, owns the appropriate land, placed in a very good location, in the business area of the city, next to five stars hotels, exhibition centers, business centers, governmental buildings, airports and railway stations, main boulevards. In order to develop this project the Mother Company, Ana Holding, has established a project company called ANA TOWER.

The first drawings of the Tower were made by an American architecture company and the Building Permit has been obtained from the Romanian authorities in 2008.

The building is planned to have 24 floors above the ground, being higher than 100 m. It provides 33,000 sqm. of office space, approximately 1,300 sqm. for each floor. Three parking levels of 450 cars will service the building.

Ana Tower shall be built upon a new concept of structure, with no limitation imposed by internal pillars, giving the user the possibility to make a fully flexible partition. The standard floor allows multi – tenant use, without the downside of increasing the add-on factor.

The Tower includes a cafeteria on the ground floor and some retail spaces. In the same time, the building proves its long term commitment to community, being recommended by sustainability, water and energy efficiency, optimal use of resources, innovation in design and indoor environmental quality. In this regard the building is running for a Gold Green Building certification; this will be the first Gold Green Building in Romania.

The main characteristic of the building are:


o Total area of the typical office floor: 1,300 sqm;

o Total area of the building above the ground: 33,000 sqm;

o Total gross area, including the three underground parking levels): 53,000 sqm;


o Mat foundation supported by reinforced concrete piles, slurry walls precinct;

o Waterproof basement walls made from reinforced concrete;

o Structural system composed by reinforced structural walls, columns and slabs;

o According to the use assigned, maximum live loads according to use and occupancy – 500 daN/sqm;

o Underground parking clearance – 2,15 m;

o Fire protection by open sprinklers with interior hydrants;


o The structural solution of the building incorporates steel and concrete components;

o The maximum live load according to use and occupancy is (without safety factors) 300 daN/sqm;

o Fire resistance is two and a half hours for columns and shear walls and one hour for slabs and beams;

o The clearance on all floors is 2.70 m. The clearance above the corridor is 2.40 m.


o The terraces are accessible only for maintenance and have a bituminous waterproof membrane and rigid insulation;


o Partitions are made of gypsum board, with characteristics of noise reduction and fire resistance, according to the Romanian codes;

o All doors of the building are provided with closers;

o The building partitioning walls requested by the tenant are subject to a fit-out project;


o The Tower has glass exterior walls with operable windows along the façade;

o Noise reduction of the exterior walls: minimum 41dB.


o The Tower has eight passenger elevators, one service elevator and two separate elevators connecting the underground parking with the access lobby;

o Passenger elevators accommodate 20 passengers each, with a speed of 4.0 m/sec.

Parking areas

o Underground parking is displayed on three levels, with a total of 450 parking places;

o The floors are coated with epoxy paint and have drains for water evacuation;

o Walls and columns are coated with acrylic paint.

The project is developed in partnership with Global Trade Center Romania SA. The works start in 2012.